OLD - General Science 2

OLD - General Science 2




Students in General Science 2/3 will think like scientists.  Students learn to work with scientific equipment, they study information that other scientists have learned, and they create their own scientific concepts.  Students will explore the following concepts:


Investigation and Experimentation

Formation of Earth and Solar System

Energy in the Solar System


Energy and Waves

Evolution of Life on Earth

Diversity of Life on Earth

Matter’s Properties and Interactions



Students will be given a progress report on a regular basis.  If work is not being turned in, one or more of the following interventions will be put into motion:


1.         Students will be held during nutrition break or lunch or after school to complete the

            assignment.  If detention is during lunch, students will be allowed to eat.

2.         Contact with home will be made to discuss the student’s unsatisfactory progress.

3.         Students will attend an intervention class after school.


Accessing student progress:

Students are able to access their progress a few different ways.  Through the use of the iPad or computer they can sign into canvas at www.sweetwaterschools.instructure.com.  From there they can monitor progress, see assignments, and keep tabs on class.

Grades will be visible through use of Jupiter grades at www.jupitergrades.com.  This can show the assignments and tests.


The class grading system is as follows:

Regular Class

Accelerated Class

1/3 formative interactive notebook/iPad (labs, worksheets, class participation, homework, quizzes)

1/4 formative interactive notebook/iPad (labs, worksheets, class participation, homework, quizzes)

1/3 summative assessments (teacher’s tests)

1/4 summative assessments (teacher’s tests)

1/3 end-of-course exam (EOC)

1/4 end-of-course exam (EOC)


1/4 science fair project report



Teacher: Mrs. Curiel (Irene.curiel@sweetwaterschools.net)


Greetings students and parents!  In this class students will learn to think like a scientist.  Remember, science is used everywhere and that not every scientist looks like the one pictured on the left.  You may ask me, “Mr. Smith, why do we have to learn about science?”  I would explain to you that, science is not just the study of why things fall or mixing chemicals together.  Science is the study of how to think, problem solve, and how to make informed decisions in the world we live in.  I know that every student can succeed and I will put forth all my effort to assist students to make this happen!



  1. Respect yourself, respect the teacher, and respect others.
  2. Work safely (no gum, food, or drink in class).
  3. Be prepared for class (bring iPad and interactive notebook). 
  4. Use electronics appropriately (iPad for school work only and no cell phones).
  5. Clean area and wait for teacher dismissal at the end of the period.


Required Materials: pencil, pen, science textbook, iPad, interactive notebook must be 11 in x 8.5 in (recommend Five Star 1 subject notebook)



I am willing to help you in any way that I can but you must also cooperate with me.  If you need help, you need to let me know.  It is important for you to let your parents know when you need help and need to stay after school.  You need to be prepared to work!  If you do, I guarantee that you will learn more then you ever have before!




Mrs. Curiel

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